Friday, January 1, 2010

Architects of Their Own Irrelevance

This is not the first time that I have tried to communicate with the Republican Party leadership about my view of their ineffective, indeed, one could say incompetent, approach to defeating the socialist wave that is rolling over our nation like a locust cloud.  My previous attempt was made as an earlier post on Two Cents' Worth, my Town Hall blog, entitled An Open Letter to Mr. Steele and the RNC.  But, they have clearly not taken heed of my sage advice, so I will try once, and only once, more.  The next attempt will be with my votes for (only) Conservative candidates in all future elections.  No exceptions!

I don’t split the party into conservative or not” - Michael Steele, Republican National Committee Chairman.

I think that is probably as truthful a statement as you will ever hear from Mr. Steele.  After watching the carefully choreographed actions and words of the RNC Chairman, I truly believe that he thinks that all Republicans are likely to back anyone who has an “R” by his name on the ballot.  The Republican Party, unlike the Democrat, no longer has the luxury of knowing that any and all policies and actions that the leadership embarks upon will be blindly supported by zombie-like party faithful.  A lot of us came to the Republican Party in the early Seventies, after helping elect the Bumbling Buffoon, Jimmy Carter, and getting our eyes opened to the fact that the Democrats were desperately working to destroy our rights and freedoms, indeed our very foundation of Government.

But, maybe you should, Mr. Steele!  Maybe you should.  Surely that would bring you to some appreciation that not all who classify themselves as Republican are going to buy into whatever the “party leadership” dictates to be right and proper.  It might even give you some clue about how strong your voting support is going to be in the coming elections, if you persist in assuming that we, the truly conservative element of your party’s unwashed masses, are as unsophisticated (or even stupid) as elitist Republicans keep painting us.

I am reminded of a wonderfully perceptive quote from Gilbert K. Chesterton, early-20th century English writer and philosopher:   “It isn't that they can't see the solution. It is that they can't see the problem.”  One would think it impossible, but Mr. Chesterton must have had our contemporary Republican Party “movers and shakers” specifically in mind with that particular jewel of wisdom.

We know what the elites think that the solution is, don’t we?  It is simply winning the power back, no matter that the Constitution and conservative principles get prostituted in the process.  And, of course, the key to winning elections is to broaden the base, right?

The Republican establishment is increasingly becoming viewed, again by those of us who comprise your own unwashed masses, as aiding and abetting the dismantling of our constitutional framework, although with less screeching and outright treasonous intent than is inherent in the Democrats’ actions.  I am afraid that the RNC has a consistent record of not getting out in front on issues that are of real concern to those of us who still believe in limited government, individual rights and accountibility, and all other Constitutional protections.  Unless you start getting that message, sir, I believe that your party will never survive.  It should be increasingly evident, even to those who “can’t see the problem,” that many of us let ourselves be associated with your party only because we have previously viewed it as being the most viable option for staving off liberalism, but that the RNC’s policies and pronouncements now lead us to question whether you read from the same Constitution that we do.

So, I will give you a few examples of the problems that are causing you to be the architects of your own irrelevance:

  • PROBLEM:  Your total lack of situational awareness in calling that socialist Republican in New York “statesmanlike” for withdrawing from the race, only to turn around and bury the Republican-supported hatchet in your backs.  At least Mr. Gingrich thought it was truly a good use of your funds.  We dummies thought it was pretty stupid.
  •  PROBLEM:  Your overriding goal is to be in control in Washington, but nothing is done when Republicans are in control.  Do you remember that opportunity to reform Social Security?
  • PROBLEM:  Republican bigwigs don’t want to take us back to the Constitution and its protection of individual rights and property.  No, you just want to beat Democrats, so you can determine who gets the spoils.
  • PROBLEM:  You don’t believe us when we show, with our actions and our words, that we are not ever again going to accept and support liberal-lite candidates just because the Republican elitists feel that they can get an (R) in a congressional seat?
  • PROBLEM:  You don’t believe that we will stay home rather than vote for such as John McCain again?  But, of course, we won’t stay home.  We will, instead, encourage those who can convince us that their love for, and belief in, the Constitution totally trumps any party designation to run as Independents, or Conservatives or even Libertarians, and we will throw our entire beings into supporting them, and we WILL VOTE FOR THEM.  Those of you in the “party leadership” will wail and gnash your teeth and proclaim that we are not smart enough to realize that the result will mean that Democrats will get elected.  
 One of your “distinguished” elitist mouthpieces, the self-absorbed Peggy Noonan, has already gone so far as to say, “The most sophisticated Americans, experienced in how the country works on the ground, can’t figure a way out.”   Of course, that's just a dried up old moderate trying to curry favoritism with the other elitists, and maybe scoring a few points with the libs. 

In the meantime, we unsophisticated types can figure a way out, and it starts with supporting candidates who think like us, and will fight for our way of life.

We have been lectured by the formerly esteemed Newt Gingrich, by Texas Senator (very possibly a temporary position for him) John Cornyn, and by Michael Reagan (the son of Ronaldus Maximus himself) that we must vote for odious moderates (or worse) just so the Republican Party can ascend to the throne of power.

Well, read my lips!  I do not care if a Democrat wins a seat because I support conservatives rather than RINO’s.  It is more acceptable to have my ideological enemy tear down our country than a wolf in sheep's clothing..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

An Open Message to Mr. Steele and the RNC!

 (Originally posted on Two Cents' Worth)

I received a fund-raising e-mail from the Republican Party a couple of weeks ago, specifically attributed to, and signed by, Michael Steele, the RNC Chairman.  Now, that is not so surprising, as we all get these relatively harmless missives from time to time.   

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to say that I very seldom read these things, and I haven’t, to the best of my memory, ever sent any money to the RNC, either in response to one of these letters or any other request.  You see, I happen to believe that the RNC has no business taking our money and shoveling it like so much fertilizer to the candidates or groups that they (the NRC) choose to support (fairly analogous to what the Government does with our taxes, I guess).  They apparently base their selections on perceived electability as an (R), regardless of whether those candidates are aware of, let alone strong advocates for, the conservative values that the Republican Party theoretically stands for (and that I definitely stand for!). 

Tell me if I am wrong, but did the RNC not strongly back Arlen Specter (spit!) in his last election?  Heck, even all the way down here in Texas, one could see that he has been a traitor to conservative values for several years now. Could those smart cookies at the RNC not see such an obvious thing, or did they not care because he was electable as an (R)?  Either way, they rank right up there with the Government on the list of organizations to which I am willing to hand my money for re-distribution.  At least with the RNC, I can make the decision to exercise a choice without being hounded by the law.

But I did read this one, mainly because Mr. Steele had piqued my interest by showing a little backbone a week or so ago and I thought that we might actually be seeing some real conservative leadership.  Alas, I was fated to reinforce my developing view that the Republican Party and I have almost nothing in common anymore. 

The talking points that were addressed in this email were predictable and, frankly, insulting to the (presumed) target audience.  The only positive aspect was that they didn’t point out how smart Obama supposedly is, even though the evidence seems to suggest that he reads a teleprompter very well (an admirable talent, for sure) but in no way takes those words and converts them into coherent, logical thoughts.  I am struck by the similarity between logical thought/Obama’s teleprompter and logical thought/authors of this email.

Mr. Steele, you say that “last year the Democrats told voters they would bring "change" to Washington, but their version of change has been to push America to the left farther and faster than I think anyone could have imagined,” and assert that that is why you believe America needs the Republican Party now more than ever before.  Are you kidding me? I am sorry, sir, to have to tell you that a lot of us not only imagined, but clearly understood, just how far and fast it would be done.  We just weren’t able to get it through to the “bright” guys who happen to have control of the reins.

You say that “some people who were willing to take Barack Obama at his word when he campaigned as a reasonable, moderate candidate are coming to realize the unfortunate truth.”  Why did you guys not find a way to get the message out about the lies Obama was telling while he was telling them? It is a little late now!

Come to think of it, where were you  when the MSM and the piddle-head Republicans were bashing Sarah Palin during this election you were so concerned about?  Oh, yeah!  I forgot!  Many of those cats were right in the middle of it!

Also, I will believe that you supported the Tea Parties as a “groundswell of popular grassroots opposition” when you can show me that you or your personal representatives helped to develop, fund and advertise them. Until then, I will continue to believe that you are just using the obvious popularity of those efforts to try to hang your fund-raising hat on.  That's another one of those things that we "dummies" can readily recognize -  the difference between sincerity and BS.

And this thing about chiding the Dimmocrats about lack of fiscal responsibility:  What a joke that is!  Have you paid any attention at all to the pork-grabbing, as well as other waste and fraud perpetuated by your Republican buddies?

If this was viewed on high as a stirring call to arms of the Republican proletariat (i.e. those of us whose opinions do not count, but whose votes and money are needed), I would suggest that your viewing device, like the Hubble telescope once did, needs a replacement lens.  Polish it with liberal doses of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Thomas Sowell, Burt Prelutsky, Michelle Malkin, as well as many others who "get it."  Maybe if you actually listen to Rush and Laura and Glenn Beck and even Lou Dobbs, you might get some idea of what we stand for.  Instead, you try to gain favor with the press by taking potshots at those who reflect our real feelings.

Don’t waste your paper or band-width asking for money from me.  I will be looking to vote for and support the party that has a ticket of Thomas Sowell and Sarah Palin, or philosophical equivalents.  I’m willing to bet that you and the powers-that-be of the Republican Party can’t even imagine why I feel that way, and very likely do not care.

Trust me!  That has become a mutual feeling.

Friday, September 25, 2009

MSM: Squealer Incarnate

Often, in order to define or understand some modern-day phenomenon, it is instructive to refer to the writings that have withstood the test of time.

It is hard to imagine a more appropriate and revealing application of that truism than the use of George Orwell's Animal Farm to illustrate what is going on in America today.  The parallels between Orwell's characters and the current elements of government, other political institutions, and assorted enablers are eerily and precisely striking.  It is almost as if Orwell was sitting at a keyboard only yesterday, writing about a  21st century farm, America, instead of at a typewriter in 1943-44, addressing the Russian Revolution of some ninety years ago.

Although it would be a highly interesting exercise to identify and thoroughly develop the 2009 characters, my intent is to only provide the definitive answer to an exercise generated by Bernard Goldberg a few days ago, namely, what the best name for today's media, which clearly no longer is reflective of main stream America.

Well, Mr. Goldberg, I submit for your consideration the term Squealer Incarnate, or Squealer for short, as the perfect name for the collective socialism enablers at NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, AP, NY Times, Washington Post, etc.! etc.! etc.!

The evidence to support my recommendation follows in the form of character descriptions from two sources.  I have bold-ed the parts of their descriptions/summaries that I feel are particularly pertinent:


          Throughout his career, Orwell explored how politicians manipulate language in an age of
           mass media. In Animal Farm, the silver-tongued pig Squealer abuses language
           to justify Napoleon’s actions and policies to the proletariat by whatever means
           seem necessary. By radically simplifying language—as when he teaches the   
           sheep to bleat “Four legs good, two legs better!”—he limits the terms of debate. 
           By complicating language unnecessarily, he confuses and intimidates the 
           uneducated, as when he explains that pigs, who are the “brainworkers” of the 
           farm, consume milk and apples not for pleasure, but for the good of their 
           comrades. In this latter strategy, he also employs jargon (“tactics, tactics”) as 
           well as a baffling vocabulary of false and impenetrable statistics, engendering in 
           the other animals both self-doubt and a sense of hopelessness about ever 
           accessing the truth without the pigs’ mediation. Squealer’s lack of conscience 
           and unwavering loyalty to his leader, alongside his rhetorical skills, make him   
           the perfect propagandist for any tyranny. Squealer’s name also fits him well: 
           squealing, of course, refers to a pig’s typical form of vocalization, and Squealer’s 
           speech defines him. At the same time, to squeal also means to betray, aptly 
           evoking Squealer’s behavior with regard to his fellow animals."

           "Squealer: Squealer is an intriguing character in Orwell's Animal Farm.  He's first 
           described as a manipulator and persuader.  Orwell narrates, "He could turn 
           black into white."  Many critics correlate Squealer with the Pravda, the Russian
           newspaper of the 1930's.  Propaganda was a key to many publications, and since 
           their was no television or radio, the newspaper was the primary source of media 
           information.  So the monopoly of the Pravda was seized by Stalin and his new
           Bolshevik regime.  In Animal Farm, Squealer, like the newspaper, is the link 
           between Napoleon and other animals.  When Squealer masks an evil intention of 
           the pigs, the intentions of the communists can be carried out with little 
           resistance  and without political disarray.  ..."

I suggest that every concerned American read, or re-read, Animal Farm, or at least go to one of these sites and brush up on what George Orwell was saying about totalitarian governments.

And start calling the "MSM" Squealer - it will get under their skin, I'll bet!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I can see clearly, now!

After his abomination of a speech at the U.N. (Upchuck Nations) today, Obama has cemented in the minds of all who will open their eyes that Sarah Palin, on her worst day ever, was more prepared to be our President than he was, is, or ever will be. 

When, in the future, the idiots of the media try to railroad her on the basis of not being prepared for such a lofty position, the vast majority of the American people will just laugh at them.

What are they going to use in his defense:  His tasteful selection of  gifts to foreign heads of state?  His paying obeisance to every thug ruler in the civilized world?  His endless apologizing for the exceptional-ism of  the United States?  His clearly superior way of strong-arming legislators to get things done?  His disdain for the American People?  His willingness to actually work with Republicans to reach workable solutions on important issues? 

There are plenty of other equally revealing examples, but the usual media suspects will, I am sure, be looking for ways to divert attention from them all. 

But there is one nagging little problem:  a lot of our fellow citizens have opened their eyes, and do not like much of what they are seeing.

Bank of What???

Have you seen this video of Fox's Meghan Kelly interviewing a Bank of America flack?  This was concerning the actions of a BoA branch manager in Gaffney, South Carolina, who removed American flags that were being placed, by a family friend, along the route of the funeral procession for Lance Corporal Christopher Fowlkes, a United States Marine who was killed in Afghanistan.  As I understand it, the reasons the manager gave were:  it was against bank policy and, some of their customers might be offended by the flags.

I deeply admire Meghan Kelly.  In fact, I think she is the best in the news part of the business.  She asks tough questions and routinely pushes for answers literally until the time allotted for an interview runs out.  Her style is decidedly different from the tendencies of many other Fox news personalities to pander to the interviewee after a good question or two.  I just wish she had drilled into this even further in nailing this BoA scum's hide to the wall.

The idiot that Bank of America sent out to do damage control very carefully kept to his talking points, even in the face of the fact that his points were, at best, poorly conceived, and at worst, reflective of a corporate policy of anti-Americanism.  But, maybe they just want to go along with Obama's view of where we should go as a nation.  After all, he does have America's interest at heart, right?  And, there will have to be banks, right?  Well, why not BoA?  They won't even need to change their name (except maybe to change the "c" to a "k").

I have a seething anger about this, because it was much more than dis-respecting the flag. One expects all leftists to do that. But, one would hope that some of them would have the decency to respect the dead, especially one who gave his precious life to protect the freedoms that allow them to be successful in their crass, greedy, stupid and insensitive politically correct behavior.   This was not the funeral of just another old white person trying to help Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd's belief that whites should step aside and allow blacks to move into power.  This was in honor of a United States Marine who died in the service of his country!  Who died to protect the right of BoA's idiot managers and smooth talking spokesmen to commit such despicable acts!  BoA is no better than the Associated Press creeps who, in the interest of either greed or propaganda, showed utter contempt for our military and their families just a couple of weeks ago in showing the death of Lance Corporal Joshua "Bernie" Bernard, in total disregard for the family's wishes.  Anything for money and political gain, huh, AP?

See if this litany of his vacuous BoA bromides, in response to Meghan's pointed questioning, makes you feel better about the unspeakable insult to Lance Corporal Fowlkes and his family and friends:  "gonna respect the family's privacy"; it shouldn't have happened; this doesn't represent any policy of the BoA; reiterated to our branch managers our policy; we encourage branches to fly the flag; not acceptable and people know that; should use better judgment, and a few more, just as empty of real meaning or understanding.  Man, you sure convinced me!

Obviously!  Obviously!  Obviously!  This guy may have set a record for the use of that shallow catchall word which in reality, just points out that, if it were so obvious, this mind-numblingly stupid incident would not have occurred in the first place.  Have you got that, BoA?

Also, I'm sorry to have to tell you that it is not so obvious that you care about anything other than damage control.  What is obvious is that BoA has failed to educate its spokesmen in the most important maxim of public relations:  that the most important thing is sincerity - once you learn to fake that, you've got it made!  This guy failed, not only through his over-use of callow attempts at deflection, but also in the fact that, in his remarks, he never acknowledged that this was a direct  insult to our Marine, but just kept insisting that there is no BoA corporate policy to dis-respect the flag. 

No corporate policy against the flag? Indeed! How about a corporate policy requiring allegiance to the flag as a condition of employment, with special emphasis on total support FOR THOSE WHO DEFEND OUR FLAG?

I am deeply ashamed to admit that my house mortgage and car note are held by this bunch of blowhard anti-American opportunists!  I am considering paying them both off immediately or re-financing through some other institution, and I vow to never deal with this bunch again!

How about you joining me?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Do You Think I'm a Racist Just Because ...#4?

When I first started my Town Hall blog, Two Cents' Worth, about a year ago, there were some columns appearing which extolled the "sudden advancement" of race relations in America because B. H. Obama was elected to our presidency.  They were based on a major flaw (my word, not theirs) in the current, wildly popular premise that America has been a racist country, and now, all of a sudden, that has gone away.  It was then, and still is, my feeling that racism has been dying out in this country for quite a while now, and we are  all better off for it. 

So, anyway, I had this brilliant idea to do a little survey to hopefully get some idea of what various people thought would constitute racism on the part of an individual, using some basic behaviors or perceptions that many of us have. 

It was a modest little effort, and despite getting (I am sure) thousands upon thousands of hits, it got an even more modest response.  No matter!  It was a good exercise for me then and  I am sure that someday my grandchildren will be able to show it off and brag about my farsightedness.

The technique that I used was to do a base post, Do you think I am Racist Just Because..., which established the background and parameters for the series, and, as well, introduced the first scenario just to get things rolling.  I then provided additional scenarios in separate posts.  See them here at:   #2? and #3?

Today, in visiting some sites around the net,  I ran across a brilliant chart, entitled Obama Criticism Flow Chart, at  This simple yet powerful chart (included below) graphically reflects the root cause of one's state of mind relative to the antics being carried on in Washington these days.  The intense disagreement that you might have with those antics may not be the simple disgust with socialism that you thought it was.

My own feeling is that leftists have a propensity for using the race card when the going gets a little tough (and that seems to be happening at an increasing rate).  In fact, I will go so far as to say that the racism charges hurled by Carter, Pelosi and other left-wing ideologues are generally really false claims to deflect attention from their inability to answer tough questions, or to protect some sacred leftist cow.  The "r" word, and its use as a tool for intimidation, appears to be much more prevalent by these "tolerant liberals" than it is by any group of right wing hardliners.  It is racism, and is despicable, in the hands of either side.

The new president has spent vast amounts of energy, real money and political capital and has squandered our total international prestige to drag us into situations that no American populace has ever had to face before.  The socialist implications of following him down the paths that he is trying to blaze for our country are staggering to the imagination, with the very real possibility that within 5 years there will be no individual freedoms left.  Probably 25% of our population is chomping at the bit to go with him, not understanding that they will not be the governing class, but are just useful idiots.  Other than the relatively small number who would comprise the major and minor party officials and the state security apparatus, the rest of them will be in the same freedom starved state as the rest of us.

He, aided and abetted by the leftist legislators and press, has misrepresented the real probable impacts to individuals as well as the nation, and has stifled opposing views about the "health crisis" even while claiming to be open to ideas from the other side.  He has  totally ignored the will of the growing number of people who simply want to be heard.  And, yet, the people have raised enough of a stink that they can't even pass the bill, even with a veto-proof legislature.  So, what's the path to be taken?

Why, as predictable as clockwork, the collective rant from that gang of thieves starts spreading across the land:  the only reason these right wing crazies are against this is because our poor leader has the effrontery to be, gasp, black!

So, if you find yourself getting a little miffed with our leader, maybe it's only because you can't be sure whether it is a real concern or if you are just a racist.  To clear your mind, just walk yourself through this chart.

In the words of the web-site:  "It’s pretty exhausting trying to keep track of what is legitimate criticism of President Obama and what is racial hatred. That’s why I developed this handy flow chart:"

Obama Criticism Flow Chart

Obama Criticism Flow Chart

Joe Wilson's Truth

Joe Wilson's only mistake was that he didn't keep talking while he had the floor - he should have spelled out the details until forcibly removed or gagged. Even the Mangy Socialist Media (MSM) would have switched the focus to him just to get it on tape. Those few who were watching for their, seemingly, hourly dose of socialist doctrine would have at least heard some truth, in that evening of studied avoidance of such. 

Note: This was the moment in time which forever established the ultimate nickname for our current president. There are a lot of very creative manipulations of the name that he has chosen to go by, and most of them reveal a solid statement on his character or ideology. But, forever, the term ”staring like a deer caught in the headlights” will carry a mental image of Obama’s face at that point in time. Henceforth, he should rightfully be known as Obambi, which many have used before, but which now has the imprimatur of the House chamber and national television cameras.  

Obambi's response to Mr. Wilson's contention: staring around for Saul Alinsky or Soros or Ayers, as if to say "You didn’t tell me what to do when someone actually stands up during my speeches and correctly points out that I am lying. What do I do now?” Finding none of them present in the chamber, he abjectly looks to the teleprompter, but no help there, either.  

At least he had his wits about him enough to not look toward Heaven for Alinsky, or to turn around for consultation with Ghoul Pelosi or Bilious Biden. I thought for a moment he was going to take the Jeremiah Wright approach, requesting the Almighty to strike down this white American who was telling the truth, and just as he was on a roll with his tapestry of lies! 

Then, he remembered just in time that God won’t listen to a person who champions the murder of babies just as they enter the world. More importantly, he realized that he would lose the support of a few million liberals just for pretending to acknowledge that there is a God. Can’t take a chance on shrinking that base!  

Now, all of that thought processing might have taken the average citizen several seconds to sort through, but this is a really smart man, as we are constantly reminded by the Sqealers and elitists of all stripes. In a few blinks of an eye, he went through all those possibilities and came to the perfect answer. He calmly looked toward his accuser and semi-forcefully mumbled “not true.” 

That is what liberals think of as a brilliant put-down, and he didn’t even have to use foul language, which, of course, further strengthened their view of him as the greatest statesman of our time (maybe forever, but, then, Stalin is a formidable standard for them). They will also sing odes one day to the way he picked right back up on reading his tele-prompted speech after the rabble-rouser Wilson was put in his place.  

Of course, one can’t blame Mr. Wilson for not grabbing the opportunity and running with it. He may very well have been looking around himself to see who had dared utter such truth, especially in a chamber that has witnessed so little of that commodity for a half century or more. After all, it is repugnant to think of a member of this venerated House (of ill repute) who doesn’t strive to live up to the decorum and moral standards of the likes of Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson-Lee, John Murtha, Jerrold Nadler, just to name a few of our courtly representatives. And to think that in this room have sat the tainted (er, I mean sainted) Traitor Ted Kennedy, Chuck "Slimeball" Schumer, John McCain (the Benedict Arnold of conservatism), Lindsey “Can I Find a Way to Compromise on Principles so I Can Look Powerful” Graham, and a host of other craven power seekers.  

How can one possibly be so crass as to soil the haunts of that bunch of sycophants and toadies? They, and others, will lead the charge to brand Joe Wilson as something other than “truth teller,” and there is no doubt in my mind that they will herd together to censure him, simply for stating what the vast majority of Americans would have been thinking or saying, had they had the stomach to even watch this charade of a speech. 

I like the way Sandy Rios puts it in a Town Hall article. “If the chamber of the Congress of the United States of America isn’t the right place to fight for the future of the Republic, then where is that place?”  

In the spirit of truth-telling, and probably to comply with McCain’s campaign reform deal with the devil, I must admit that I sent Joe Wilson a relatively small donation for his re-election effort, as did my wife in a separate action. Mr. Steele and the RNC might take note that Joe Wilson is the type of Republican that I told them I would be willing to support, in my post on Two Cents' Worth, my Town Hall blog, entitled An Open Message to Mr. Steele and the RNC!